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Inspections: -2 Options-


Residential Service starts at $199.00

Pool Safety-Fences, Enclosures, Windows, Doors, Alarms, Etc.

Pool Interior- Plaster, Liner, Fiberglass (Skimmers and Returns)

Pool Lighting- Pumps/Filters-Heaters

Automation-Pool Decking and Coping-Pool corrosion


Commercial Service starts at-$699

Everything in Shallow End includes an all leak detection services!

 *Can Choose to add leak detection*


Leak Detection: $499.00 (Does not include repair)

All Plumbing pipes, Fixtures, and Equipment. Full check of shell/liner/tub for any leak. Includes Diving (if applicable) Pressurizing plumbing.

Did you say Cannonball Option: 

$3,792.00yr ($1896 down, $158.00mo: 12 months)


~Include spa service/cleaning
~Full Weekly Cleaning and Maintenance
~All Chemicals and Salt
~Pool Opening
~Pool Closing
~Power Vacuuming
~2 Full inspections a year
~No service call fee, ever
~Cost PLUS 10% on all NEW equipment and liners ~Cost PLUS 15% on all NEW covers
~You can buy any new accessories or new furniture at 40% off retail cost.  (Ledge Lounger)
~You can buy any IN STOCK HOTTUB we have at 50% off retail. (Must pick up; $400.00 delivery fee)

If you move, you will have to start a new Cannonball package unless all your equipment and pool shell moves with you.

-If you get PCSed out, show us your orders and we will turn off the service and stop the monthly fee on the date of the orders, no questions asked

-You cannot buy equipment or furniture at a discount for use to take to your sister’s pool. We will deliver to your oasis!

-If your neighbor needs a hot tub, they can join ‘The Cannonball’ and then buy a hot tub at 50% off retail. We will also clean it every week for a year. If they sell the tub, the new owner will need to pay a new service for weekly cleaning. Warranty of tub goes with original owner.

-Cannonball service does NOT transfer with the client. Service goes with the TUB or POOL